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At Kensian and Associates, transparency for our clients is a priority. We believe that clients deserve to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their legal journey right from the start.

We understand that navigating legal matters can be complex, and we believe in providing clarity from the very beginning. We are committed to fostering an open and honest relationship by showcasing our legal fees directly on our website. By displaying our fees openly, we aim to eliminate any surprises and empower our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Explore our website to discover the transparency that sets Kensian and Associates apart – because your peace of mind matters to us.

Types of fees

There are two types of legal fees, fixed fees and hourly rates (also called retainer rates). While many legal services can be provided on a flat fee rate, in certain circumstances, a retainer fee approach is more appropriate.

The hourly / retainer rate

An hourly rate is a billing method where the lawyer charges the client based on the number of hours spent on the case or task. The lawyers track the time spent on the client’s matter, and the client is billed according to the hourly rate multiplied by the hours worked.

Hourly rates are often used for complex or unpredictable cases, as they provide flexibility in billing for the actual time invested. Kensian and Associates offers clients transparency through a detailed breakdown of the tasks performed.

The fixed fee

A fixed fee, also known as a flat fee, is a predetermined, fixed amount that the client pays for specific legal services. This remains constant regardless of the time and effort the lawyer invests.

Choosing between fixed fees and hourly rates depends on the nature of the legal work and the client’s preferences. Fixed fees provide clarity on costs, while hourly rates offer flexibility in billing for the actual time spent. Lawyers and clients often discuss and agree on the most suitable billing arrangement based on the specific legal needs and circumstances of the case.

Hourly Rates

Senior Counsel $400/ hour

Associate Counsel $250 – $350/ hour

Student at Law $125/hour

Fixed Fee Packages

*Our prices and packages are subject to change depending on the complexity of your matter

** Please speak with your counsel in order to select your best option

***Please note our packages and prices do not include GST

****Disbursements are approximate and subject to change


Please note our family law packages do not include any court attendance on your behalf

Prices include meeting with you, collecting information, reviewing materials, legal research if needed, and / or drafting documents

Disbursements are included in the costs but are approximate and subject to change


(Cohabitation, Pre-Nup, Separation)

Drafting Agreement $2,700

Independent Legal Advice $750


(Statement of Claim for Divorce and Division of Property, Statement of Counterclaim, Statement of Defence)

$1,050 each

Simple Family Applications

(Child support, parenting, custody)

Drafting Application and Affidavit $2,600

Drafting Response Affidavit $1,600

Special Hearing and JDRs*

*for Court of King’s Bench only

Drafting Confirming Letter / Brief $3,700

Court Prep

(for examinations, mediation, settlement conference, and/or trial)

Preparation for court attendance $1,150

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Legal Opinions and Research

Drafting Opinion / Research Letter $1,650


Disbursements include Government fees

Unless otherwise advised, disbursements are included in the costs but are approximate and subject to change

Quotes are provided for one applicant per application

Visiting Canada

Visitor Visa Application (single) $1,100 
TRV Application $600

Working in Canada

LMIA  $3,500
Work Permit $1,500
Post Graduate Work Permit $1,100 
ICT Application $8,000

Sponsoring Your Family

Family Sponsorship $3,500 + Disbursements
Provincial Nominee Program $1,000 + Disbursements

Staying in Canada

Express Entry $1,000
Federal PR Application $3,500 + Disbursements
Citizenship Application $1,500
PR Card Renewal $800

Study in Canada

Study Permit $2500

Canadian flag icon is pinned on blue jeans jacket. Canada patriotism concept.


Restoration / Extension of Status $750
Reply to Procedural Fairness Letter $1,500


Estate planning documents include Wills, Power of Attorneys, Personal Directives (Living Wills) and Codicils

Disbursements are included in the costs but are approximate and subject to change

Estate Planning

One person:
One document: $350
Two documents: $500
Three Documents: $625
Two people
One document: $550
Two documents$700
Three documents: $825 
Old couple holding hands on a walk.

Estate Administration

Estates up to $150,000 $2,000 plus 3% of the value of the estate

Estates over $150,000: $2,000 plus 3.5% of the value of the estate

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Guardianship / Trusteeship

Applications $3,000


A purchase and sale discount of $150 is applied for joint transactions

Prices do not include Title Insurance costs

Disbursements are included in the costs but are approximate and subject to change

Buying a home $1,450 (+$250 if a condo)

Selling a home $950

Refinance / Assumption $800


Disbursements are included in the costs but are approximate and subject to change

Incorporation of a named company $1,000
Incorporation of a numbered company $850
Restoring an AB company $500
Dissolving an AB company $500
Nuans reports $85