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Kensian & Associates specializes in helping you secure your legacy and plan for the future. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive legal support with Wills, Estate Administration, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives.

Wills and Estates Red Deer

What is Estate Planning?

The process of making a plan for what happens to your belongings and decisions when you can’t manage them yourself or after you pass away. It involves creating important papers, like Wills and Powers of Attorney, to ensure your wishes are known and followed. The main goal is to make things easier for your loved ones and avoid any uncertainty about your intentions.

Wills: Creating a will is a crucial step in making sure your belongings go where you want them to. Our team is skilled at drafting clear and legally solid wills that capture your individual estate planning objectives.

Estate Administration: If you lost a loved one, our team can guide you through the estate administration process with sensitivity and efficiency, handling legal complexities so your family can focus on what matters most.

Power of Attorney: Planning for unforeseen circumstances is crucial. We assist in establishing Power of Attorney arrangements, to make sure someone you trust can make financial decisions on your behalf, if needed.

Personal Directives: Your health and well-being matter. We help you establish Personal Directives, outlining your preferences for medical care and decision-making in case you are unable to express your wishes.

We understand that everyone is unique. Our team creates personalized solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring your wishes are carefully reflected in your legal documents. We provide clear guidance and explanations throughout the process, ensuring you fully understand each aspect of your plan. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Call us if you have questions, or if you are ready to proceed.

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Julia R. Ibanescu

Barrister & Solicitor, Mediator, Arbitrator, Collaborative lawyer (English, Romanian)

Kathrine Gonzales

Student at Law (English, Tagalog)


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